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The ONLINE TRAINING system, known as BLENDED E-LEARNING, uses modern and readily available technology TO TEACH COMPREHENSIVE AND EASY-TO-USE ENGLISH.

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Swati Chaudhuri

Swa is an expert (native speaker) English language educator/instructor, who has worked in the field of English as a Foreign Language, in 3 different countries, for over 20 years now. She runs her own e-Learning online ‘school’. She has worked with multi-national and national conglomerates such as Bouygues, Danone, Lagardère Group, Pernod Ricard, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Vivendi, EDF-GDF, CNES, SNCF, RATP, Orange France Télécom, Bird & Bird, SwissLife, etc.

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The online training system, known as Blended e-Learning, uses modern and readily available technology to teach a comprehensive and pragmatic English one-to-one. By exploiting Skype’s video-conferencing strengths, hyperlinks, websites & e-mails, these English lessons help overcome the time-constraints that most of us experience today. Through these techniques (and technology), students concentrate on their English grammar, receptive skills (listening, reading) and productive skills (speaking, writing).

The System

Blended e-Training system combines lessons via video conference (Skype), exercises sent by e-mail, and, whenever possible, face-to-face sessions. The student buys ‘credits’, meaning we decide together, at the beginning of a month, how many hours are needed and how much time we can spend on working together. The student then buys credits for those hours.
I recommend that we keep up intensive work over the course of each month, but at times, if the student cannot finish his / her credits, we will take an extra week to complete them.

The method

I send the student to a placement test (a form of personal assessment) to establish their level. We start with General English, build up to Business English, and then to English for Specific Needs (this could be pre-university preparation, English for Law, English for Import-Export, English for Tourism etc.). On occasion, depending on their profession, students will get the opportunity to hold conversations in English with other people in the same or similar field. This allows students to learn and apply the specific vocabulary related to their field of activity in a real-world context. This is ideal for students who want to prepare for conferences or any form of important meeting.


You can write to info@swatichaudhuri.com or fill in and send the contact form below for more information and price inquiries.

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